Plan Your Destination Wedding

Plan Your Destination Wedding

October 31, 2016

If anyone knows how to plan a destination wedding – it’s Iris Ortiz. With over seven years of experience in the event management and wedding planning industry, she’s planned unforgettable weddings for brides of all backgrounds and interests. Iris joined our exceptional Condado Vanderbilt team in 2015 as our Destination Wedding Manager, where she is now committed to make each and every weddings as unique and momentous as the next.


Iris has an uncanny understanding of how destination weddings should be perfectly planned and executed in order to alleviate any stress from her brides. Not only was her extensive luxury wedding planning experience built in the Caribbean, she is also a born-and-raised Puerto Rico native. Let’s just say, Puerto Rico weddings are her specialty.


With all of her extensive experience, she is the perfect person to answer some of our bride’s most probing questions about a San Juan destination wedding.


Q: There are so many locations to choose from when planning a destination wedding… What is it that makes San Juan the best choice?


A: San Juan is a terrific choice for a destination wedding for many reasons. The central location is perfect to make your destination wedding unforgettable. San Juan is an easy direct flight from many major US cities and requires no passport to travel from the US to Puerto Rico. The city’s warmth makes it feel like summer all year long, making it almost guaranteed to have perfect weather for your event. Also, you always have something to do in San Juan. The city has a very lively nightlife scene, delectable food and delightful hospitality from the locals.


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Q: How does planning a destination wedding differ, and what are some of the things I should consider before I make the decision to move ahead?


A: Planning a destination wedding is just like planning a vacation for all the people that you love. Your guests will likely use this opportunity to enjoy themselves in addition to celebrating your wedding, so considering their experience is always important when planning a San Juan destination wedding. Many couples choose to host multiple events for this reason, including a ‘Welcome Party’, ‘Rehearsal Dinner’ and a ‘Farewell Brunch’ in addition to the wedding celebration. When it comes to timing, we usually recommend avoiding holiday weekends and celebrating your wedding on a weekday in order to drive down costs for your guests. When it comes to selecting a venue, consider a hotel just like the Condado Vanderbilt that offers room blocks, lots of activities and delicious food. One last tip – get yourself a great wedding planner that is located in Puerto Rico and don’t forget to secure the details needed for your marriage license in advance of your Puerto Rico destination wedding!


Q: Can you tell us about one of your favorite Puerto Rico weddings that you planned and why?


A: I have so many memorable moments from planning Puerto Rico destination weddings. One memory always stands out to me. A few years ago, a bride asked for some help putting together a ‘team building’ exercise for her wedding guests. It was the first time the families were meeting each other and they were going to be spending lots of time together during their destination wedding week in Puerto Rico. So I helped organize all kinds of events for the families, and by the end of the week, it wasn’t two families celebrating a marriage, it was one big family.


Filled with patience, creativity and vision, Iris Ortiz is dedicated to helping you plan your one of a kind Condado Vanderbilt wedding. Do you have your own question for Iris? Ask us on our Facebook page or email us [email protected]

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